Strata Cleaning Services Sydney

At Instant Sparkle, we have years of experience providing the highest quality services. Also, understand how it is important for strata cleaning companies & strata cleaning services in Sydney. So at Instant Sparkle, all employees are well-trained licensed police checked and qualified cleaning experts in the strata cleaning field. We have experienced many cleaning projects with the Strata Managers, Property Managers, and Corporate Owners who required Strata cleaning. With many years of experience in Strata cleaning Instant Sparkle can handle and do strata management or strata cleaning professionally in Sydney.

What are strata cleaning?

Strata cleaning is usually to attend to the subdivided or building rooms that can either be residential or commercial. This has been adopted by many countries worldwide because it offers convenience to the tenant and the building management. This can easily see all the needs and wants of the property.


Important of strata cleaning companies in Sydney

Strata cleaning is not an easy job but the strata cleaners have tough jobs in strata Maintainance. They take care of the entire building or property everything from repairs, maintenance, communicating, maintaining or enforcing strata rules, preparing and managing budgets for facilities, etc. Managing Strata is also a responsible job for cleaning common & shared areas of an apartment or commercial building.


strata cleaning services in Sydney


Types of strata cleaning from Instant cleaning.

  • Commercial Properties
  • Business areas
  • Residential Properties
  • Retirement Villages
  • Serviced Apartments
  • Resorts
  • Caravan Parks
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • University, etc.


Strata cleaning services to cover.

Our Strata cleaning covers lots of services but services may differ between strata cleaning companies. After all different buildings' cleaning is different from each other. So there are always strata cleaning solutions for everyone If you are looking for strata cleaning companies in Sydney. Instant Sparkle also provides you complete cleaning contracts and here are a few points that we are sharing.

  • Mopping and cleaning the surfaces
  • Using correct chemicals and cleaning products.
  • Buffing, strip, and seal of floor coverings.
  • Cleaning litter and debris scattered.
  • Disinfecting done while by Cleaning 
  • Cleaning and oil management of car parking areas.
  • Changing light bulbs and cleaning light fittings if needed after checking them.
  • Cleaning and washing garbage bins.
  • Windows cleaning and areas of the window.
    vacuuming and steaming carpet.
  • Taking care of Gardening and pruning.

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Just hiring a cleaning company for strata cleaning is not a good idea. You need to understand that you have to hire professional strata cleaners in Sydney. Instant Sparkle is an expert professional and licensed cleaners in Sydney. Be free to contact us whenever you want at 0482-777-555 we provide free quotations in Sydney.