End of Tenancy cleaning services in Sydney.


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There are many peoples around Sydney leave in a rented house. It's very important to get your rented property cleaned at the end of the tenancy. Moving out of a rented house and keeping it clean as before is very stressful and challenging. Getting your belongings for relocation and preparing the house for final inspection is a very hard job. Before your lease period ends you have to take care of everything and make the house clean as before. So, it's very important to read out your tenancy agreement in detail. Also, make sure to hire a professional End of Tenancy cleaner. End of tenancy cleaning services in Sydney is very demanding and as well as important. To return the property in a pristine condition to your landlord you need proper end-of-tenancy cleaning.


end of tenancy cleaning in Sydney


Some points one must remember while End of Tenancy Cleaning

At the end of the lease period, you must get everything cleaned before returning the keys to the landlord. To get the property deep cleaned you can hire professional End of Tenancy cleaning services in Sydney. After it has been cleaned do a final inspection. If your landlord is not happy you can lose some amount from your security deposit. So, it's better to hire professional cleaners.

Areas you must focus on:-

  • Clean the bathtub, toilet, sink, shower glass, and bathroom tiles.
  • Remove dirt from the cabinets, kitchen counter, shelves, and tiles
  • Clean the light fixtures, windows, and walls of the living room and bedroom
  • A clean appliance like an oven
  • Remove the cobwebs from the ceiling
  • Remove dust, stains, and pet hair from the carpet
  • Remove the tile grouts
  • Clean the entire floor and all the corner of the house


Instant Sparkle has been providing the top class End of Tenancy cleaning services in Sydney. We understand that Tenants always want a well-maintained property and keep a healthy relationship with the landlord. However, there have been seen sometimes that at the end of tenancy or during moving out, tenants often experience disputes. It also hurts the security deposit. To avoid this issue, you need to know about the rules and regulations of a tenant.


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