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Cleaning with a Personal Touch

Our foundations come from many years of experience working for larger companies. After witnessing the excessive red-tape of large companies and the frustration it caused their customers, we decided to start out on our own to service the needs of our customers better and provide a more human touch to our work.

Our mission is clear

Cross a major chore off your to-do list by letting us take care of the house cleaning. Then savor the pleasure of knowing your whole home has been cleaned by a professional team member(s) you can trust.

Our cleaning services are thorough, consistent and customized. If you would like to request a special service, change your cleaning schedule, or skip an area in your home, just let us know! We are happy to fulfill every request in order to exceed your expectations.

Our cleaning services are available on a schedule which suits you. On every visit, your team-member(s) will dust, vacuum, wash, and sanitize each room. Using our equipment and specially formulated products, they clean from left to right, top to bottom, so no detail is overlooked.

All Rooms

Dust picture frames, knickknacks, ceiling fans, lamps, furniture, woodwork, shelves, and baseboards. Remove cobwebs. Vacuum carpets. Wash all floors and dry wood floors. Vacuum furniture, including under any cushions. Empty and clean ashtrays and wastebaskets.


Clean appliances, counters, cabinets, tables, and chairs. Clean, scrub and sanitize sinks. Clean and sanitize countertops and backsplashes. Clean the range top and refrigerator top and exterior. Clean microwave oven inside and out. Wash floors.


Clean, scrub and sanitize showers, bathtubs, and sinks. Clean and sanitize vanities, backsplashes, and toilets. Clean mirrors. Polish chrome. Wash floors and tile walls. Deodorize.

End Of Lease Cleaning in Sydney

Instant Sparkle provides complete bond cleaning facilities, we are available for end of lease cleaning services and for emergency cleaning in Sydney. For more info Ask us or Call us today. Also for updates follow us on Facebook.

Our Guarantee

100% Satisfaction:

A money-back guarantee, also known as a satisfaction guarantee, if a buyer is not satisfied with a product or service.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products:

Because indoor pollution rates are typically higher than outdoor pollution rates, we take dust removal seriously.

Cost Effective:

Precision cleaning is required throughout such a broad range of modern industries that it might be more.

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